Comparing the similarities and differences between the social media apps snapchat and instagram

Discoverability Your brand will be more discoverable on Instagram. Are your target audience and customers on the platform? They are both essentially platforms that enable users to express themselves and communicate with others using images and videos.

Do you prefer having a public profile that is easily discoverable and to interact with your followers in public? To give an example: Swiping right will open up the chat window, while swiping left will bring you to Stories, which are collections of short videos and images.

The images that are advertisements appear in the Instagram feed along with a "Sponsored" label in the upper righthand corner. Since we are a small team with limited resources, we decided to post exclusively to Instagram so that we could continue to focus on developing meaningful relationships and creating quality content.

Almost 60 percent of the users are under the age of When you launch the app the camera opens automatically, giving you a clue of how Snapchat wants to be used. More Stories to watch and more people to watch your Stories: Of these, approximately million are active users.

The most important social media platforms at a glance

For example, 22 percent of Snapchat users are between the age of 13 and Blocking or reporting users Both apps let users block other users who may be sharing inappropriate images or videos.

Using a vast array of filters, stickers, animations and in-app tools, users have the power to create, customize, and share engaging images.

Instagram has more options for ad placement. Twitter allows up to 50 people in one chat, while Instagram only allows It should be noted, though, that there are ways to recover and save these images.

The Taco Bell logo was also visible in addition to the cartoon. This allows you to more quickly gain the trust and attention of other users. But it is also true that Snapchat is in the app market for quite a long time, but MSQRD is recent it is yet to develop.Instagram vs Snapchat: The Battle For Best Social Media Marketing Platform [Infographic] InFacebook unsuccessfully offered to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion.

One year earlier, Facebook successfully purchased Instagram for $1 billion. Aug 05,  · Social Media; Tech. Instagram caught many by surprise this week when it revealed it was launching a new feature called Instagram Stories, Snapchat's app launches on the camera screen so. Social media brings millions of people together from around the world.

They chat, send pictures and videos, and share information with each other.

Which Is Better? Instagram vs Snapchat [INFOGRAPHIC]

Companies like to use these platforms to extend their reach, but the more popular a network is, the more likely it is for dangers to be lurking. Similarities and Differences Between Facebook and Instagram Advertising. August 25, / Find New Customers / Social Media Marketing.

Although there are many excellent social media platforms to use for marketing, two in particular are the most popular: Facebook and Instagram.

For brands deciding on which platform or channel is better for their social media marketing campaigns, we've compiled a side-by-side comparison of the most salient differences between Instagram vs Snapchat. Tips on differences between Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, and which is best for your content.

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Comparing the similarities and differences between the social media apps snapchat and instagram
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